QM Tuner for Android/Droid

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  • QM Tuner for Droid


  • What is QM Tuner?

    Quarter Midget Tuner for Android/Droid is a work in progress designed for quarter midget racing.

    Whether you're a novice or an expert quarter midget racer, or even a team mechanic, QM Tuner offers a variety of tools to help with racing.

    The log data feature of QM Tuner gives you the ability to manage and keep track of current and optimum settings for multiple tracks and multiple cars. The log feature allows you to virtually log every setting and configuration on the quarter midget for all 4 corners (including mass with a built-in cross weight calculation and automatic stagger calculations), track temperature, air temperature, etc.

    QM tuner also includes a unique gear selector tool that helps you determine the engine and axle gears that you need to obtain your ideal rpm. The tool also allows you to enter your inventory of gears and it will select the gears you need based on your inventory and the tolerance that you desire.

    Other references available on the QM tuner include:

    1. Drill down chassis adjustment refrence guide to help diagnose common conditions such as oversteer and understeer, Simply tap on the issue to find suggested solutions to your problems.
    2. Weight and age restrictions for each of the QM classes/divisions for QMA and USAC
    3. Tire durometer charts for commonly used quarter midget tires.

Latest News

  • 30 June 2010 - Development has started for a Droid version of the QM Tuner mobile app.

    Check back once in while for updates.